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by Britt Hulbert and Marilyn Ryan Hulbert
illustrated by Mike Duffy

Sinceusing this diet there has been no stomach problems.

Does your dog suffer from allergies, upset stomach, constant itching, hot spots, and ear and eye infections?  Are you paying high doggie doctor bills and always medicating your dog with antibiotics and steroids?

Throw away the bags and cans of DOG FOOD!  They are filled with ingredients unfit for human consumption and that means unfit for all animals!

The canine family member that you chose to love and care for needs real, fresh food - just like you do.
You have written a great book
Foods filled with ingredients that you cannot identify, rancid fats, byproducts, & beaks and feathers are harmful and cause disease. Read our easy book and learn how to put real food in your dog's bowl - fast - easy - healthy! No more stinky cans or smelly bags to haul home from the market.

Just real food!  Save money and time.  Allergies, fleas, infections, upset stomachs, and skin conditions will disappear. You will save money on all those Veterinary bills and only need to visit your Veterinarian for normal checkups - not for diseased conditions brought on by inferior quality foods that can possibly sustain life, but as you have already seen for yourself, do not sustain good health.  Good nutrition is the only way to good health!  Your dog will live a longer, healthier life! Our book makes it easy and fun.

Save your dog's life! Read about the horrible ingredients in dog food! Why do you think it smells so disgusting? Because it is! Read the ingredients on a bag or can of dog food. Do you know what they are?

Save money and valuable time spent in the Veterinarian's office. Treat your dog as a real family member.

Eliminate allergic reactions, skin conditions, stomach problems, ear infections, and even fleas!

We must be doing something right, cause we have 4 dogs and NO vet bills.

Our book will tell you:

  1. Poco, and how he regained his health.
  2. Find out what is really in commercial dog food.
  3. What happened when we started to cook for all the dogs.
  4. Weight charts and amounts of food.
  5. Lists of foods that dogs need.
  6. Lists of foods not to feed your dog.
  7. How to make the transition to real food.
  8. Eating on the road with your dog.
  9. Delicious recipes that you and your dog can eat together!
  10. How easy cooking for your dog really is.
  11. Special chapter about the overweight dog.
  12. Even some vegetarian recipes.
  13. See Mike Duffy's wonderful doggie cartoons.

Cost is only $16.98 plus $2.50 first class shipping

We/ev seen older dogs make amazing recoveries on this diet.

Our cookbook is dedicated to Poco who lived to be 19 years old.  He was constantly under Veterinary care and always on medications.  He refused to eat the most expensive prescribed commercial dog foods. He was always sick until he began to eat real food.  His health returned, his medical conditions disappeared, and he lived to the ripe old age of 19!

I don't know if you will remember us but we stayed at your estate over the 4th of July last year with our golden retriever, Daisy. and our son. We purchased your book while there and transitioned Daisy soon after returning home. This is her one year anniversary on real food and at her Vet checkup she lost 25 lbs.  I really believe this change took a good 4 years off her from a physical standpoint. She has the energy of a pup half her age. She just turned 7 in May. We are very grateful that we chose to stay at your place last year. You literally changed our dog's life. We have encouraged everyone that we know to purchase your book and make the change.Thanks again and if you ever need a testimonial, just let us know.

See what our readers say about the book!

  Sandy Miller of the Hatfield Inn Bed and Breakfast in Bar Harbor, Maine said "Happiness is having toast and eggs for breakfast while my Daddy has cold cereal (and that's a fact Jack!) Love, Haley".  Haley is Sandy and Jeff Miller's lively terrier.

  Nan Lincoln said: "After ignoring all day his soggy mix of dog cereal and fake meat, he gobbled up a serving of Kiddo's Combo (brown rice, beans, carrots, lean ground beef, garlic and soy sauce) licked the bowl clean, and, I swear to God, smiled".

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Vacation in Acadia National Park, Maine with your pets. Click Here